First Year BSc Nursing Subjects:
Anatomy: In this, you will learn about the structure of the human body and internal workings.
Physiology: Here you will study the parts of the human body and its functions.
Nutrition: You will learn about the science of nutrients and related substances in food which will directly or indirectly relate to the growth, health, and other features of the human body.
Biochemistry: In biochemistry, you will learn about the chemical process which is taking inside the human body. You will be learning about glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, citric acid cycles, etc.
Microbiology: In microbiology, you will learn about microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc and its evolution, reactions, etc.
Introduction to computers.

Second Year BSc Nursing Subjects
Pharmacology: In this, you will learn about medicines, its uses, mode of actions, effects, contraindications, etc.
Pathology: It is a kind of study of a disease, the reasons for the disease, and its findings.
Genetics: It is about the study of genes, hereditary. genetic variations etc.
Medical-surgical nursing.
Communication and educational technology.
Community health nursing.

Third Year B.Sc Nursing Subjects
Medical and surgical nursing.
Mental Health Nursing.
Child health nursing.
Midwifery nursing.
Obstetrical Nursing.

Fourth Year B.Sc Nursing Subjects
Administration and management of nursing services.
Community health nursing.
Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing – Part 2.
Research and statistics.



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